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    Thanks for the update, and I love the idea of moving the minimum requirements forward!
    However, I'm curious how are going  to support DNN 6.2 and DNN 7x since they have two different service frameworks?

    Unless I am mistaken, wouldn't that require two different code bases/packages.
    Given the short  life cycle of the MVC2 based service framework in 6.2, wouldn't it be easier to just start with DNN7 and its included WebAPI ?

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    Scott McCulloch

    Hi Brad,

    You are correct, 6.2 will actually be a step along the way. A lot of the forms will be upgraded to the UI pattern in 6 and a lot of the legacy code will be removed. 

    After this, it will move to 7 (when it is stable) so I can integrate in the newer features.

    Modules such as social images will begin on 7 since it is heavily built on the services framework. 

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    Sounds good, and thanks for the quick response.

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