News Articles 00.08.00 Released!




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    Intelligent Netware

    Do I understand the upgrade from 7.91 to 8.0 includes the list above (and none others)?

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    Scott McCulloch

    It also includes:


    New Functionality Includes:-

    • Added performance enhancements to reduce the database load caused by news articles.
    • Added the option to specify an image description and extended the title/description area. This includes a new token in the images template called [DESCRIPTION].
    • In security settings, you can now filter on role group and check all checkboxes in a column
    • Added a new option to select a default author in "Form Settings"
    • Added a new option to override the RSS icon in "Syndication Settings"
    • Added a new option to override the lightbox path in "Image Settings"
    • The authors in admin options -> filter settings are now sorted alphabetically
    • Added new tokens to item templates
      • [TEMPLATEPATH] - path to the configured news articles template
      • [HASAUTHORVALUE:XXX][/HASAUTHORVALUE:XXX] - check if a profile property value exists, for use with [AUTHOR:XXX]
      • [PORTALROOT] - the path to the portal directory

    Fixed Bugs Include:-

    • Fixed an issue with Russian dates
    • Fixed a potential security issue


    New Functionality Includes:-

    • You can now "not require" a "name" and "email" for anonymous user comments, you can turn this on in admin options -> main options -> require name & require email.
    • When importing feeds, you can have it delete all existing articles on import (this will delete everything). You can turn this on in admin options -> import feeds -> delete articles. 

    Fixed Bugs Include:-

    • Fixed an issue in the previous release where uploading images or files when first creating an article sometimes caused it to fail in particular situations.
    • When launch links is set, the lightbox scripts will load again correctly. 


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    Intelligent Netware

    Nice work...
    You know we appreciate your efforts and consider you one of the elite DNN module developers to rely on.

    Thanks Scott 

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    Vinny M.

    I certainly second that! Excellent modules and support.

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    no kidding - Thanks Scott

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