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    Hey Scott, I am too excited with the news, just two things:

    1) can I have access to demo?

    2) when will you think you will publish them so I can plan ahead with my new portals?


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    DevPCI Team

    Hi Scott, good to read these kind of post !

    I confirm you that the PA and News Articles are in High priority and I really like the idea to have only one module with both features from each current modules. Have you got an idea of a planning to make sure we can planned by our side some tests and migrations ?

    From my part your current licensing is great. No keys to activate please ! I really think that most of your followers will not hesitate to renew just with the fact that you manage to update your modules.

    Few technical questions/ comments :

    - Will you translate the code behind from VB to C# ?
    - For the New PA module, it seems to me that it really need to be well integrated with the DNN Url manager provider.
    - Again for the new PA : Integrate the datas to the DNN API sitemaps will be a great feature.

    Thanks again for your job,






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    Vinny M.

    Great to hear, Scott.  I would agree that News Articles and Property Agent would be the highest priority.   Merging the two modules and adding the flexibility of the property agent search form would be great to have.

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    David Jamell

    Three Cheers for Scott!!!

    Yes, the Dynamic Content Module would be the highest priority followed by Dynamic Links.  I also use Simple Gallery.

    I'm happy with the current licensing scheme, but I can see how you might want to accommodate those want a trial.

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    Declan Ward

    I agree with others that NA /PA (Dynamic Content) would be number one followed by gallery module(s) / child links.

    Please don't put licence keys in. Your subscription is low enough for people to buy without a demo version. There are enough examples available for any prospective customer to evaluate.

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    Hi Scott. Hurraaaayyyy!! :-)

    Thank you for the update and the good news. - That was just in time ;-)
    I also agree that NA / PA needs main focus.

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    Scott McCulloch

    Thanks for the replies all!


    1) can I have access to demo? And when will it be released?

    Yes - when it's ready later this month. There will be an import script for PA/Articles. This will be a core features version to begin with so some of the more obscure functionality in PA/Articles might not be available at first.


    Agreed on priority and licensing.

    It will be C# and integrated into the DNN url provider (no backward support for urlmaster though). Sitemap will be supported too.


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    Hey Scott,

    Great news!

    1) I'd be really interested in the Idea's module.
    2) A couple of tiny requests:

    • For the journal integration of the new NA module can when an item is published can the journal post be based upon the author instead of the person publishing it.
    • Some sort of editable template for the journal post made by NA would be great - or first image, title and description.
    • For URL's can either the URL pattern by configurable? or can it at least always a 3 digit number in the URL to comply with Google's Technical requirements for inclusion in Google News:



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    Wow Great news!

    can I have access to demo?


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    If you need help with testing, just let me know. Would be my pleasure to help.

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    Great news! after all this time passed without hearing from you I was seriously worried about having to say goodbye to Ventrian modules! I spent this time to look for alternatives for your modules and the only one I can say with certainty that there is no alternative is the Property Agent module! For this reason I suggest that PA should be the first and most important Ventrian module have to have a secure future! with PA you have created a unique and irreplaceable webmaster tool for DNN universe! Welcome back and thank you Scott!!!
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    benoit sarton

    I agree with Declan, DevPCI and others, thanks!


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    This truly is good news and I add my voice for pushing the Dynamic Content Module.  News Articles and Property Agent are my core goto modules to do sooo many things. Without continued development of them the entire DNN community would suffer a hie blow.


    As for licensing.  I'll be the first to say that you undervalue your modules and think the cost/value ratio is way out of whack!

    While I enjoy the subscription model of the license  and staying away from messy per install keys.  If you stay with subscriptions I would recommend at least raising the rates (substantially) AND tie the modules back to a licensed user account on ventrian. some way so that some validation is required on Installation.  

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    and of course... now that I know your not disappearing from the DNN ecosystem... I just renewed my 1yr subscription :) 

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    Roy Clark

    I agree with many others here. Don't change the subscription model. Even as a new user, if you explain your business model well, folks should have no problem subscribing in order to test a demo. 

    So pleased to see you're still committed to DNN, and I hope that it will financially feasible for you going forward!

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    Scott, you've left the same comment about a year ago and after we have not more seen you and nothing since then!
    Besides, ever since that time you left the site inaccessible with impossibility to replicate and to do at least get on the community the possibility to go on!
    In other words you forsaken everything and everyone for over a year!
    I hope at least that your last comment is not a new hoax!
    However, I never stop to thank you for the wonderful and awesome job that you have done with PA!

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    Scott, I would love for you to get back into developing your modules. NA is still great, but it could really do with some updating now... - I've been amending things in the source to keep it meeting our needs for the last 18 months and debating if I should write something to replace it myself as we're fast out growing it and we've not seen any news from you for a year or so.

    A personal wish list of things for NA from mine and clients point of views:

    • Use Razor for templates / skins.
    • Create Article - UI to be responsive or for the UI to be uncoupled from the Business Logic so Full customisation of the Create Article UI could be achieved. Maybe Razor + WebApi.
    • Stop using flash for uploads - obvious but worth mentioning.
    • DNN DAL2 back end would be nice from an integration point of view.
    • A Url Re-writer provider for DNN for the module.

    You also mentioned previously some of your work at F5 involved gamification in DNN using DNN content items. I would love to see a module based around this which can work with any DNN content item type. 

    Cheers - hope you get back into your Ventrian development...

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    scippy scippy

    But the title of this update is: "Ventrian 2015 Update" but we are at the end of 2016 year now!

    is it a joke?

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    looks like the support site is just being updated in zendesk... No new information...Scott... oh Scott.. where are you?

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