Connecting Windows Live Writer to News Articles for DotNetNuke




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    Love it!

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    phil wegrzyn

    Metapost/Ventrian does not appear to work in DNN7 :(

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    Scott McCulloch

    Phil - I've replied to your other thread on this.

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    I do not sepak english... but it is very good

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    Hello Thank you very much for added functionality, it is really useful.
    However, there is one annoying drawback. I really could not understand why in some cases Live Writer can not download the theme (fall off time-out) And found a pattern. If the page with the module and Article settings in the main settings in the filter settings to specify something other than All Categories (Math Any or Match All) then the issue can not be downloaded.
    And this configuration I used to, to the latest articles published opredelnnye categories on a separate page.
    I apologize for my English

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    Scott McCulloch

    @MichaelB, that seems strange that it would do that. I'll need to look into it. I thought theme files were just the css, etc from your site. 

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