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    Scott McCulloch

    Fixed broken image

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    Very useful article.

    Thank you Scott

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    Magazine layout with ventrian articles:

    Using the [ISITEMINDEX:X] token, and incorporating this token in you styles, you can enhance the layout even more.

    .div1, for example can be 600px, where .div2 (width:280px, margin-right:20px} and div3 {width:300px} etc.
    This way you can have 1, column, 3 columns, 2 columns etc mixed ([ISITEMINDEX:1]<div class="div1"></div>) etc.

    The end result will be something more magazine like, rather than a block / listed look of webpages.

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    Scott McCulloch

    Outstanding Guss - thanks for sharing

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    Intelligent Netware

    Nice job Guss. I'll keep that trick in mind for layouts.

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